Anunaku's Bleep Mix #95

Here we have a mix from the most stunning selector Anunaku (TSVI), I believe he is a London based Italian.

He begins with light minimal techno sounds but still with an industrial/mechanical feel to it. He brings in some drums that take you to a distant rainforest, with some pipes and what even sounds like an oboe which is cool as fuck. You instinctively shake your body; its as if you've entered an inaugural ritual as bodies writhe to the feral beat. Definitely made me want some 2cb.

This is when you start losing yourself to the darkness - it's pretty seedy stuff. He brings the seedy levels back down however with some more pumping techno as elation starts flooding; makes me feel as though the aliens have landed and we willingly offer them our minds. So peng.

It is transcendent and strong, a beacon of true techno chiming it's way through your body with anticipation as it incites you to dance harder.

He finishes at a much higher seedy level (and BPM), pounding techno on a journey through culture and sound. Finally he closes with a wild, gorgeous trancey track: Turbo Olé from JASSS. Finishing on such a high!

Listened to it again at the gym and it really is a corker, ya bitch be sweatin!

Check it out!

All artwork from the beautiful and talented Alice Taylor.

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