GiGi FM Pretty Pretty Good mix 048

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

This mix has been been provided by the wonderful GiGi FM for Sheffield's very own PPG.

It sets the tone with a drifting ambient track as thunder clouds roll overhead. We are travelling down the Amazon river during the night of the blood moon. The bassline billows with the current as the creaking of the boats echoes from tree to tree. As 'Saturday? New Hairdo' by Alex Tombs kicks in, we begin the ritualistic journey.

Mamakunas appear atop the riverbanks on either side to enchant your travels with hand carved percussion, flutes and bells. A calling beacon is emitted and the travellers set forth. The jungle envelops one and all as we progress into the darkness. Animal sounds are rife from that which dwells just beyond the line of sight. The mamakunas glide effortlessly behind us with incense and a booty jiggle in time to the ethereal beats, pulsating with Amazonian vigour. Raising spirits and questionable dance moves, 'Caned' by Will Hofbauer adds an extra layer of groove and oddity.

The next tune to soundtrack our journey is 'Ectoplastic' by Reptant, bringing forth bizarre, pumping sounds as though the rainforest were rampant with a host of electric birds. The mamakunas let loose an array of firecrackers for humans and wildlife alike to enjoy, giving the mix a slightly eccentric buzz. The beat picks up speed with a track by Banke named 'Strattera' - which is scatty to a T. The music gayly invites you to insanity as you approach a set of rapids in the river. You have no time to fret, however, as the mamakunas display their power in one easy levitation that puts even Hermione Granger to shame.

Dirty, rolling, farting basslines with robotic mumbling appear to signify the peak of the ritual, as tribes men and women congregate along the banks to unify through dance. Cheering and hollaring ensues and they throw gleaming, hand mined gems over the travellers, encasing the river in a flurry of beauty and reverence. Baby pink river dolphins appear intermittently above the surface in a show of support.

Sirens begin to wail in the distance. Our arrival has been foretold.

'Opportunist' by Rhyw brings a gritty, toe-to-toe techno feel, ready to jump and protect the processional flotilla at any given moment. The air is tense. The mamakunas grip their rods tightly and the birds' song ceases. Indicating a shift in the journey status, a flare illuminates the sky ahead announcing our arrival.

As the Deepbass Remix of 'Bioluminescence' by Luigi Tozzi kicks in, sentinels with faces caked in mud appear beside us, on land and in water. We are escorted solemnly to the gates and given one last spray, one last spruce, one last effort in an attempt to purify us before permitting entry. It doesn't work, but we enter nonetheless.

Journey complete, feeling chilled and refreshed we are eager to see what the jungle fort holds. A warm glow encompasses the soothing sound of your heartbeat as you drift away to the land of nod.

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