Interstellar Funk & Intergalactic Gary Video Club Podcast #35

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Wheeeww, this is a journey and a half - four hours on a Video Club Podcast with Dutch don Interstellar Funk and Kiwi all star Intergalactic Gary. If you are ever in Bogotá be sure to hit up Video Club where Leeon is a resident! Also a huge thank you to my friend Laura for the artwork!

It starts much slower than our usual listening, with eerie sounds toying with your ears and enticing you in. This mix has an air of magic about it - raw, machine driven and setting the scene for the next four hours perfectly. I imagine it being used in a factory worker sequence in a Disney film (where the factory manager is the villain, of course, and the workers are literally chained to their machines). Deep, guttural and somber, it plows its course straight ahead. I found it quite motivational and really made me want to get on with my day - the rolling, keen techno pumping clearly throughout.

Next up they bring in some exquisitely crude electro that takes me right back to The Void at Dimensions (if you missed out on that then I feel sorry for you!). Then a crazy flute starts playing as snakes slither from each and every crevice: guarding watch over the terrified factory workers as they slave away. They sweat profusely as the workload intensifies.

As the mix progresses the b2b duo put forth some bizarre, almost jazz-funk-techno with disjointed chords that somehow align perfectly in your ears. The slow, chugging, hypnotic rollers (which we know they are known for) just keep on coming.

Further on, what I could potentially describe as mellow acid beats start dropping for you to get down to. Each track gets more haunting and they bounce hard with ominousness - it would fit in perfectly in a house of horrors at the circus. Although I fear it may scare the actors off as it gets more sinister; it is the perfect way to lose your marbles. The workers now stand in emulsified pools of their own bodily fluids; enchained by their overlords they look sure to falter any moment.

After this comes some fantastic work, a chiming italo techno track with Martin Luther King Jr speaking over the top - getting more upbeat and playful. The feel is euphoric, followed by some almost Balearic style techno which is guaranteed to plaster a smile across your face.

It doesn't take long, however for the fellas to bring it right back to the weird and wonderful. As the speeds picks up it implores you to imbibe your dance with more energy and enthusiasm. So the workers join in, as the music lifts their spirits and they live vicariously through the energy in the music. They are enslaved, no longer by the factory, but by the rhythm of the dance.

Towards the end there are some classic 80's italo vibes pumping away that you simply gotta jive to; a lovely way of mixing it up after such a stunning journey. The last track is an actual stomper: what sounds like a pitched up version of 'Equinox, Part 4' from Jean-Michel Jarre. Crackin stuff. The workers finish their shift on a high, and actually seem excited to return again tomorrow. Cliché though it may be, the music will always see you through.

Great for a road trip, revision, or even to play in the office (colleagues allowing).

Also check out Interstellar Funk's latest release 'Artificial Dancers - Waves of Synth'

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