Matt Karmil djmag Podcast 90

This mellow mix is brought to us by Matt Karmil - something cute and cosy to keep you company. The stunning artwork has been provided by my magical friend Laura.

Karmil starts us off in tranquil settings; I picture us by the ocean in the sunshine as a waitress delivers your cocktails (2-4-1 of course). Chilled techno with a chirpy feel. A light breeze caresses your skin as it sifts through the leaves in the trees. Bells begin to chime and there's a small chatter of inaudible playback. You take the time to people watch, being entertained by the mundane events occurring around you. The drum beat kicks in, and a troop of monkeys filter through the sunbathers along the beach, scoffing any spare food they encounter.

As Karmil mixes in 'Can't Find It (The House Sound)' - one of his own tracks and a favourite of mine, echoing innocence and ominousness simultaneously - I envision the sun lowering to the horizon, emblazoning the sky with vibrant colours. Dolphins come out to play and sing along the shoreline and belly dancers flood the beach as a tropical deep house beat gets you jiving. Shortly after, fireflies are aglow as 'Simple E' by Baaz starts playing in an attempt to send you to sleep; with an empty, desert eeriness in the sounds. (I have once had a nap to this mix and it is, in fact, a treat).

A strong beat kicks in alongside a myriad of peculiar noises; perking you up and causing ears to prick. The sun has set and it is time to two step. People start getting down to a jammin house tune as a groovy saxophone plays out over the top.

Before you know it a wonderfully disjointed collection of pots and pans find their way to your ears; in a comforting "we're all strange here" type of fashion. They prep you for the wind down and are readying to tuck you in for the night. The noises provided make me think of a hub of electric insects all vying for the most succulent skin to bite. Obviously they would turn up just as you're heading to bed. The bizarre electronic sign off feels like a wave goodbye from aliens retreating into the distance over the waves. It was fun for now, hopefully again sometime soon.

This is a fantastic chill mix with an array of weird but comforting noises to hang out to. Great for revision or even for sleep. Delightful sounds to moisten your appetite. Thank you Matt.

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