Phillip Jondo at Lente Kabinet 2019

Updated: May 25, 2020

I am LOVING all the sets from last year's Lente Kabinet (very high up my festival priority list) and Phillip Jondo's is no different! Such a broad array of sounds and genres, from dirty acid sluggers to a trickle of trance. Plenty of aggressive tech around the 140bpm mark to sink your teeth into.

He kicks things off with an awe inspiring techno track that screams "I've sniffed too much speed" and it sets the scene perfectly; like the festival stage has been set up in Area 51. We sit and watch as space ships flurry across the sky in a frantic rush. We know exactly what we are in store for as he drops a menacing track 'Tunnel Vision' by J-Zbel. It is harrowing, epic and talks of an apocalyptic machine army which the humans must fight against. Even Area 51 doesn't know what's coming. The moon sits calmly behind thunder clouds as the aliens descend from the heavens to play with their dinner before they eat.

Not long after is another beautifully acidic track from J-Zbel called 'Mortal Kombat'. It is like a concrete jungle ridden with animals (how I imagine Chernobyl now after David Attenborough shed light on that beauty). Phillip even brings in the bouncing electric techno that always reminds me of Bicep.

There is subtle, sensual bass that makes you horny to fuck - it's a proper jack-your-body kinda set. The sheer intense gravity of this mix makes me feel as though it is raining diamonds from the sky. Careful, or you'll be finely sliced and prepared for dinner. Almost celestial, like angels are to materialise imminently - but no shit, they turn out to be demons instead. Something else to watch out for.

About halfway through he drops an absolute fist pumping IDM style slammer called 'NT' by Icicle. It is a theme of chaos, and it goes off beautifully. It is dirty, gritty, and supersonic. A proper head wobbler. It's like watching a burning building - you know you should run away, but the sheer power and might of the fire commands your gaze.

We've even got naughty UKG sounds that take me back to the raves I attended when I was 17, and some really beautiful bongos you can shake yer tattas to. Area 51 has been locked down all brains have been fried. There is no escape.

This set has pace, speed and honour, it even sounds like the geeza brings in a funky sitar towards the end. Would definitely listen to with a bag of k (or speed if that tickles your fancy), at an afters or out in the countryside. He even ends with some surprisingly delightful Drum n Bass! Not one to be missed!

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