Solid Blake live at Radiant Love

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Woiii I absolutely loved this heavy hitting techno mix from Copenhagen based Solid Blake! It made me sorry I only caught the end of her set at De School as she has so much fire in the booth! There is plenty of ripping acid techno that would have fit in perfectly in that basement. The flow of this set is so kushty, sometimes more than three hours can be easy to lose the journey but it is powerful and pumping throughout - it's almost as though four hours wasn't enough!

A west track from Sansibar called 'Nolla' gets dropped and it is simply perfect to spiral out to. It uses phone dialling sounds followed by a female voice claiming 'your brain has ceased to function. Offline. Log out' and I just reeled when I heard it; I can picture turning to your pal at the rave upon hearing that and thinking wow she's right, my brain is actual mush right now. There were quite a few tracks I recognised which we all know makes you feel like a boss - a favourite of mine 'Sirens' by No Moon and an unreleased Aquarian track which i am GAGGING for! (He did tweet me back though saying it is due for release later this year).

Towards the end she brings it down slightly slower with rugged, deep electro sounds and jagged yet undulating bouncy basslines. Thoroughly enjoyed this, definitely no shit snares here! Perfect for a road trip, for exercise or predrinks.

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